Charities is casa - volunteering for charity or NGO

Hello, we are an Australian family near Casa, and would like to volunteer in any capacity for a charity or NGO.

We have a wide range of skills, but will do whatever is needed.
We have been living in Morocco for a year and a half.
So anything we can do for one of us, two, or more of us, let me know.


Hi Stephen,
I really like how motivated you are to volunteer and make this world a better place.

I was thinking long time ago of doing the same but never find the time to start it, I work in associations  though but there not involved in social stuff.

Feel free to contact if want someone to share this ambition with.

Hi Kiwiscole,

I just passed by your notice today; as I m working on projects in an orphanage if you want that we share ideas and do something together that really would be great.

Hi Kiwiscole,
I was just wondering if you managed to find any volunteer work as I am also interested.


count me in !

Please let me know if help is needed,  I would love to help!

Hi Raya7ine

Thank you for adding me to your contacts and sorry for my late reaction. Do we know each other maybe?


Ps: sorry for posting here because for some reason I cant send private msgs.

hello stephen,

just want know if i can also volunteer with you guys,

if yes ;et me know anytime, and if i hear something i'll let you know as well.


If you guys need help, please count me in

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