Looking for Host Home in Cebu

I am 35 years old. I am going to visit Cebu one or two months later to learn English  :sick .I hope to stay in native English host home there to practice.

Kindly contact me if you have a place for me, please.


why did you decide to pick cebu or philippines?what do you mean by native english home ? -in philippines -the language is filipino /tagalog

I think Philippines is the first destination for English learners in the Far East where 90% of Philippines people can speak English very well and there are alot of native speakers live there as well.Furthermore, it is a cheap country.

What I meant by Native English Host Home is , there are same English native speakers who live there as a teachers or retirees . So I am looking to share such houses.


it might help if you mention where your planning to study? cebu is an island with many cities

I assume you are planning to be in Cebu city. But before finding host home there are many things to consider like;
1. Would you trust the Filipino family where you are planning to stay.
2. Can you also trust them?
3. In case both above will not met, and almost all Filipino can speak basic english. So if you are travelling alone, no need for you to worry that much since you can ask anybody for information. Do not forget to have GPS or map.
4. As observe on your writings, you are now good in English though..

Unless you wanna merge yourself more to Filipino food and culture, then I agree that a host home is a good idea.

Yes Dophened, the main point isn't a trustness concern of Filipino families or others. I want to use my visit to prepare IELTS certificate and dedicate this period for professional English.

Thank you for your advices . I read alot about Filipinos and how much they have a friendly relationship. So I don't worry about asking or living there.

@5 -arent 1 and 2 the same?  gps for what? and as they said looking foreigner more than filipino

Hi shalla,
Most Filipino's are quite good in written English but hopeless in speaking it. Sure, they can communicate, but you will not learn correctly from them. Additionally, Cebu is not predominantly using the Tagalog dialect. You should concentrate your search for a host home with foreigners that are expats from an English speaking country. There are thousands if them scattered throughout the Philippines........BTW, i don't think "trustness" is a seen here in one if your posts. Happy hunting...😃

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