Free live music event this evening

Hey everyone,

I created an event for today (although I am not the promoter) which I must likely will be going to. You can find it in the events page here : … apero.html

If you want to listen to some live music this is your chance!

Feel free to add my to your contact list and I'll see you there!

Kind regards,

Hi Gordon,

The event will be in Mauritius or Belgium ? Since it has been created in Events in Brussels section of the forum and your post is on the Mauritius forum.


Hey Bhavna,

I created the event in the Mauritius section as you can see from the Url. But you are right, for some reason it was being redirected to Brussels! That is  strange. I have modified the event and changed it back to Mauritius.  Hopefully now it's OK  :/

Thanks for your help!

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