St.Andrews sukhumvit 107


I am relocating to Bangkok from this July, and finding school is rather difficult task.

Some friend advised me to approach to St.Andrews Intl school Sukhumvit 107 , where could accept for my 2 children (11y & 16 y) .

Please advice me anything you know about this school .

Thank you very much indeed.


Hi Haith, I visited the school as we were also told many good things about it. And I confirm. We were impressed by the academic programs, the way things work in the school, the healthy atmosphere between students and teachers and the parents. We recommend it.

Hi, I know many of the teacher in St. Andrews and I will tell you that they are the nicest people I know.. I have hosted some of their events.. The school is close to all the main roads, hotels and food joints. I think this will be a good choice for you and your family.. Good luck.. Tony

It's very good but ISB is better and more expensive. There is also St Stephens with a Bangkok campus and one 2 hours northeast in the mountains.

You Guys,

Thank you very much indeed for your feedback and recommendation.
I have made a choice - yes, St.Andrews Sukhumvit 107 with IBDP for my daughter.
BTW, my son could not meet his grade up as usual , due to age cut off timing up to 31st/August, while his birth date was Nov. Then he joined Y6/elementary instead of secondary Y7.

Great thanks to you all Guys !

See U somewhere !

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