Hello Friends in Group,

I am seeking an Expat partner for my business, who want to move/ living and invest in Vietnam.

My business is running for over one year in legal procedures consultancy & marketing representative field. It has a good income, available staff, office, database clients... Now, i want to expand intoThe expat market in Vietnam and need a partner who can help building and developing.

If you have a passion in business/ capital/ marketing - sale skills, good networking, pls inbox me, we can talk more about co-operation oppotunities.

Thank you so much.

Hello Kim
I would be interested to here more about your business
I have visited Vietnam for the past couple of years and would love to be involved in Business projects

Kind regards

Hi Kim.

I am an expat from Canada. I've been in Vietnam since 3 yrs now. Please tell me what we can do together. I've been in the business area since many yrs. Tks.

Jean Paul

Thank you John, Thank you Paul.
Pls check your inbox.

Dear Ms. Kim - Kindly check your Inbox and you will see my introduction.
Best Regards,

Thank you Buddy,
See you soon!

Hi everybody,

Please note that the forum is not the appropriate place to look for partners.

We already have a dedicated section for this kind of search. Therefore, i invite you to post here : Business partners in Vietnam.

Thank you.


P.S I am now closing this thread, please keep the forum for topics on expatriation.  :top:

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