Friend working in Fiji

I planned a trip with a fellow Canadian friend and ran into a snag.

She was given a scholarship fund her ability to work (unpaid) in Fiji through a university program for skilled professional work experience while studying.

She applied for her work permit upon arrival on May 2 as she was told by the program she could not apply before.

Two weeks after her internship began, she was granted only a 90 day permit until August 2nd even though her scholarship requires her to work at the internship until the end of August.

She has a return flight at that time. She wasn't provided a reason for the shortened stay. Meanwhile, between when she began work and received her permit, I had booked a ticket to join her for her last few weeks on August 8th.

An immigration lawyer and her host organization has informed her she has valid reason for extension and it should be routine, but I'm skeptical.

Am I going to end up alone in Fiji?

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