Indian Muslim Man - Pakistani Muslim Woman Marriage in Jeddahvey

Dear All, I need your sincere advise.

I am a Muslim Indian male residing in Jeddah. Matchmakers have introduced me to a Muslim Pakistani girl who is a divorcee, also living in Jeddah.

We intend to get married legally in the Saudi court. Her father is in Dubai and come only on Umrah Visa.

If anybody has idea how do we proceed to get married, like requirements, formalities, where exactly to go and proceed in Jeddah, I would be very very thankful....

Please please help me...

Hello theconfusedexpat and welcome on board :cheers:

You will find information related to your query in our forum section :

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Wish you a happy wedding :top:


Looks like bad news but Saudi courts expects both from the couple to be Saudi Iqama holders. Visit visa holders are not served.

This is different from Dubai where at least one of them (bride or groom) must be residency holder; in order to appear in the marriage court.

Only Bride Father Can make a request in Court where you can legally get married.

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