Care takers - We are ready to take care of your house!

Hey everyone. Not sure where to post this, so I'm gonna put it here and trust that someone will file it in the appropriate category.

Our caretaking gig is coming to an end because the house has sold, so we are seeking another caretaking situation. "We" is me, my husband, our three kids, a dog, and a cat. Our kids and animals are all quiet, polite, and clean. Well, no cat is really polite, but she's not destructive.

We are open to just rainy season or something more permanent. We prefer southern Belize, but, hey, we're flexible. So send me a message if you have or know about a situation that might work for us.

The 'jobs' or 'classifieds' sections are probably the best places as far as this forum goes.

Give them a try, it's free and adverts last a lot longer than forum posts.

You're around Monkey River Town? I will be moving there later this year to start on my son's project south of MR. Don't need help, but would enjoy a conversation; like quiet children and animals. It usually says something more important. Best wishes. Tom *****

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