Advise on Labour clearance & work visa

Dear Team,

I am hoping you can help me out with the following:

Company has obtained a Labour Clearance but they say its not in my name "its general". I had sent them attested original degrees on thier request to get this Labour Clearance,  so the question is, should the Labour Clearance be in my name and specific job title as per my contract?

The employer wants me to come on a business visa urgently, they want me to  get my medicals done in Oman and then process the employment visa does it aslo work this way?

Since they want me to work right away with the employment visa under process once in Oman, would that be illegal?

Many thanks for your time in advising.


Hi Roman rk,

Labour Clearance is given (granted rather) by the Ministry of Manpower for job categories and classes - not on individual's names, or even on designations.

Getting employees on business visa and to put them on the job before the employment visa can be issued is technically illegal. If caught, the company as well as the offending employee would get penalised. But this is done quite rampantly by the employers here since getting the employment visa can be quite a long drawn out affair.

But if the labour clearance has been taken, then getting the employment visa issued is only a matter of days or at the most say about a week or two. Not more.

There is something more to look out for. The labour clearance would be given for a specific job. Make sure your offered job and the clearance received are similar.

To quote an example, if the labour clearance is issued for a 'cook', it would be illegal to appoint an 'electrician' on a cook's clearance.

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