Which karaoke place is with many English songs?

I see Karaoke activity is very popular here.
I had chance to go only one time before, but I saw English songs list is very narrow  (and mostly very unknown songs instead of many great hits)

I want to explore some more Karaoke places by myself for finding the best one for me,
But I am clueless about from where to start..

Can you give me any ideas?

there is Nice Karaoke in D3 which as a big list  you could chew on. though most are just synthesizer renditions.

theres another on cao thang D3, called Voodoo I think.

cossmo :

there is Nice Karaoke in D3 which as a big list  you could chew on. though most are just synthesizer renditions.

theres another on cao thang D3, called Voodoo I think.

Hi, thank you...

I googled and found some places named as "Karaoke Nnice" (not written as "nice")
Do you mean that?
Another point is, there are 4 different places with this same near to each you have any more clue to find the right place you mean?

And I couldn't find Voodoo karaoke in google, but I can look to Cao thang D3 if you are sure about name.

yes, sorry 'Nnice' haha. go to the one in D3. for some reason I went to the one in D1 and it was totally different.

sorry it's "Voohoo". its around here somewhere:

on the cinema side. someone told me they were able to play off Youtube. but I couldn't find any options like that. I also wanted a place which plays proper video clips with the original rhythms, but haven't encountered any as yet. looks grand, but I haven't tried it yet. seems to be the karaoke street, give it a shot.

Everything is clearer now ..
If I visit kingdomkaraoke I will inform you about how it was..

Thank you very much..  I have a starting point now  :)

Now second thing I must solve is "to persuade one of my friend to go and try with me" LOL ! :)
As they are all foreigner like me, they don't like to go karaoke very much, different than Vietnamese :)

I visited Voohoo at weekend...not very big place for large groups, but generally fine..


I know nice or  n nice in phan xich long.

Great facilities. Huge range of songs western and local. Cold beer. Most of all, the food was excellent.

nice or  n this the name?

What is the point unless you give the address?

his talking about the chain 'Nnice'.

cossmo :

his talking about the chain 'Nnice'.

:) thank you

Have you tried any new ones which have original video clips, Nedd? Kingdom?

Ibox karaoke in D7. I think it's the best one you can be content with. Just searching on Google. :)

cossmo :

Have you tried any new ones which have original video clips, Nedd? Kingdom?

could not find time to try yet :(

Hello Need,
You sure you want to do this?

You should check your budget first????
There are SOP rules for foreigners to exploit these adventures karaoke in Vietnam.

There are heavy, medium and light industry. There are the families karaoke like NICE which is very popular usually for companies staff or families birthday gathering. Others similar like Avatar etc.
Light - extremely ex, high class, high end, like Catwalk, Royal etc nothing to exploit. Good English songs.
Medium - sometimes you get value for money. Sometimes its like the light. Local management. So so EN songs.
The heavy industry - better not try, very localized unless you have locals to bring you there and sadly, most local staff don't even know where tp bring the foreigers. You'll never get to sing anyway.

So, you have to ask yourself. Do you want to exploit?

Nowadays, unlike 12-15 years ago when less police raids.

Light is more suitable for foreigners if they can expense that Bill.


Hi, in case you haven't found a good place yet, I recommend King Karaoke.
The link to their website is here:
I used to go there every now and then with my friends. It's a nice place, but I think you'd like to save some money by going on weekdays and go with at least five more people. I don't know why but they always make us buy at least 6 drinks even though we only have five people lol.
I hope you find the time to try soon. Good luck  :D

I am a non credentialed English teacher. I teach practical conversation in private lessons from my home in District 2. I use the lyrics from American and British pop songs to engage in conversation and to explain the secret meanings of the slang terms that are used in these lyrics. It helps Vietnamese English do this to understand a more common Street English instead of school English workbook English
I'm out of the country at the moment but I will be back the first week of October. I would like to talk to you more about this. I only have a couple of students but I want to work regularly. I want to have four or five students her class, 3 classes a day. I need some help organizing this.


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