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I am Razib Hassan from Singapore actually I comed from Bangladesh and I am Bangladeshi . I am working hear ( singapor) but I want to change my job place and job sectors because here my working sectors are not same related my experience. Having my experience with warehouse, logistic and distribution sectors . Meanwhile over last five years I am thinking about Colombia also Colombian culture there life style and Colombian nature .

So, my question is how can I get a Colombian job any easy way have? Plz kindly some advise me how can I get a job


Jobs are tight in Colombia.  There is not any easy way.  Any job vacancies will first go to Colombians, and speaking fluent Spanish is a must - unless you have some hard-to-find, scarce skill that is in demand.

Not only are jobs tight, but they don't pay very well.  Actually, the pay is awful.  The minimum wage in Colombia is about $250 per month, and some people there can actually live on that, but not me.  I make about $8,000 a month programming computers in the US.  A comparable job with a Colombian company in Colombia would pay about $1,000 per month from what I've seen.  If I could find a US company that needed me to work in their Colombian office I might be able to get close to US pay, but those jobs are like unicorns.  Some people say they have seen one, but I doubt they exist.  So in the end I'm looking at Colombia for retirement, not for relocation.

I agree. Unless you have Good Spanish and some special skills, I dont see you finding a job here easily. After all, any employer will have to furnish you with paperwork for a work visa and it might not get approved if there are unemployed Colombians who can do the job.
Im an English teacher (surprize surprize) and I have to admit that I have had no problems at all with my visas, probably due to the fact that this is a field that the government feels that there is a shortage of people who can do the job. I now have a 3 year visa even though my contract is only on a year to year basis. It seems like the 3 year visa is issued after you have been here for a while and had previous shorter term visas.

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