Hello.. I just want to know where do expats post other than this site if they looking for helper? I remember i use this site to find my 2 expat employer last year. and there were a lot of them posting. It was then expatblog.. But lately i notice there is not much expats posting about household needs. i visit everyday that corner and its been weeks past by since the last posted..
Is it no longer allowed or they prefer to engaged agencies to hire maids..
Even my ad theres no views :(
Where have all the expats-need -helper gone?

Just curios

Hello macmary,

I noticed the same too. When this site was used to be expatblog there were lots expats posting to look for helpers or vice versa,  but now there's almost nothing.  I find it hard to look for a live out job before but it's  even worse now.


Perhaps you'd like to try the 'jobs' section at the top of the page.
There might well be adverts looking for people, or you could place an ad looking for work.
It's free and easy.

Thank you for your kind reply.
I already did  post  myself an ad on the job section.. and even looking at its latest post bit so far till now this day , no changes nor views of my post..


Please inbox me.... I need a live in or live out.... read my post about.... I need someone to help me cry....

it's very hard to find someone with experience and who can speak english and are willing to cook american cuisines.

this site now makes it virtually impossible to connect with locals who are in need of employment opportunities...

Pm sent Sir..
Thank you

I think that some of the problem is now down to dilution?
In that I mean there are so many expat forums online - which one to use?

Years ago you only had a handful of websites for expats. The trend nowadays seems to lean towards bespoke/specific 'niche' sites that cater for a specific area. i.e. Manila, Angeles, Cebu, Bangkok, Pattaya etc as it is very difficult to cater for everyone (due to the explosion of social media and Google information that's so readily available now).

Without mentioning any names (that would be unfair to expat . com) there are several very active forums specific to certain areas in the Philippines - where local knowledge is more relevant and up-to-date. This website I have found very useful for generalist information, prior to hunting down more niche sites. This website is also good for expats wishing to learn more from others in a different country - where perhaps one is considering moving?

And as always - if you can't find the niche you're looking for - BINGO! Start one yourself  :one

Expat IFA :

I think that some of the problem is now down to dilution?
In that I mean there are so many expat forums online - which one to use?

There are a lot of forums, each catering to different tastes.
This one tends to be a bit rigid and full of rules, but that means most discussions end up factual and helpful.
Other sites offer a lot of chit chat, but you either get little help regarding expat issues, or it can be really hard to find amongst the pointless stuff.

It all depends on what you want out of a site, help or entertainment.

Yes that is a very fair statement "Fred". I agree that many websites/forums can be stacked full of irrelevant 'chit-chat' and nonsense or 'entertainment' as you quite observably quoted - (that did make me chuckle)  :lol:

I do respect for what it represents (like I do InterNations also, for different reasons) and they can be a very valuable resource. Similarly, so can some of the niche sites - but as with ANY forum, much depends on the user demographic and the style of moderation imposed.

For me, information from informed users is #1, then perhaps making a few new friends/contacts - so all good. My biggest 'pet hate' is intrusive advertising - irrespective of website reputation and/or the need for income generation. Google adwords is the absolute worst of course - as any tin-pot company can advertise with little (if any) control for web authors. Nightmare!

For "expats" seeking "expat advice" I think does a pretty good job, so well done. The Philippines section seems lacking in active content (sometimes) but of course that may just be country-specific. I am sure other places are more active.

Facebook is probably every website's biggest threat (unfortunately)!

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