Blacklist question

Hi expats and locals in the Philippines,

I want to ask your help and advices regarding blacklist in the Philippines,
specially if someone have actually experience of getting off the blacklist.

I emailed to Bureau of Immigration National Operations Center via email xinfo[at]
And they replied me that I need to submit following documents to apply for the lifting of Black List Order:

+ Letter of request addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration
+ Photocopy of passport

However, is there anyone who have done this and have sample of the letter,
as well as do you know the fee, and time of completion.

Here is my story:

Mar 06, 2015, I flew from Hanoi to Manila, Philippines,
and was kept at Terminal 3 Airport with few other people.
Among 5 Vietnamese were kept there, 2 of us were released to the Philippines
and 3 of us were deported, include me.

I was kept at the airport for 5 days without clear reason,
no one told us what happened.

2 others who were deported, both have valid reason:
either return ticket is booked too far OR they don't speak English.

But I have return ticket on Mar 18 and can speak English well.

Before that I worked in the Philippines for 1.5 years with working visa.
After resignation, I still extend my visa regularly. My visa is always valid.

I was deported and included in blacklist.

Since that time up to now I mostly live in Ho Chi Minh city.
I wrote a post about it

In my current work, I do work with LEGATO project of German government.
This project is being implemented at both Vietnam and the Philippines.
Apr-May 2016, I joined the project at Sapa, Vietnam.
And by the end of coming July, the project wants to have me at Banaue, Philippines.

I want to ask if​ any of you know any way to solve my visa problem?
LEGATO project can provide documents to prove that I'm a member of the project.

Thanks a bunch,

It appears that you tried to enter as a tourist to steal a job from a citizen of the Philippines, is that right? Then you say the German company wanted you to work in the Philippines.. Did you have a valid work permit to work for THEM in the Philippines ?? A job offer or contract is not a valid work visa. Working for a company in your country does NOT give you the right to go world wide to work for them without a visa? Having a visa to be a nanny for Mrs.Sam Smith in Canada does not allow you to work at McDonalds in Canada... You can not even work for another person with the same name...You are working illegally.

When you get a working visa in most countries, like here in Canada, it is because that company can not find a LOCAL, a Canadian for that specific job... Then a visa is given to someone that qualifies to work for the Company -which  has proven to the authorities that - there is NO ONE in the whole country that qualifies for the  job...and their company is not taking away jobs from locals....then visa is issued only for that person and only for that's not a OPEN work visa as that is only for citizens. So unless it was for some special scientific position that no one- I repeat NO ONE in the Philippines has the needed skills----why would the Philippines let a unskilled worker from a foreign country take away a Filipinos chance for the Job ????????

That is the problem, you illegally tried to enter the country as a tourist, to work for a job you did not have a valid visa for..

IF the above is true....Black listed for life, no chance of them trusting you now, so highly unlikely they will change your status... ever... rightly so

@ Meomun,

First - you must understand the exact reason for the blacklisting, as documented in your papers.  According to your documents, you were excluded from entry into the PI for the reason of:
"(5) Persons likely to become, public charge;" (i.e., Sec 20 (a) 5).

Second - You must review "Ruling SBM-2014-001" to determine your specified wait period for lifting of entries from the BI Blacklist (typically 3 months).  Since you were blacklisted under section "a" that is the least wait time.  Found here: … 14-001.pdf

Third - You need to write a clear letter addressed to the Commissioner ( sent/filed at the Main Office in Manila), stating the nature of your request while referencing to and attaching duly authenticated/certified true copies of documents that you are using to prove that the grounds for the Blacklisting action, "(5) Persons likely to become, public charge;" (i.e., Sec 20 (a) 5)", no longer exists.

All of this means you need to do more than have an outbound ticket.  You need to show income source(s) and appear to be settled with strong ties back to VN or have a clear job with proper pre-approved work visa to the PI if that is your goal.

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