Fasting in mecca

Hi,i am planning a trip to mecca coming days.i and my husband obviously will be fasting.My 7 yrs old son will not fast.So where will we get food for our son in mecca? is it allowed for kids who are not fasting to have food there ?

Not in open. Take him to some non-public area away from passages.

will restaurants will be open?

No way!!! Nothing before Asar prayers.



It is totally fine, go up to any supermarket out there


What TLL said. Avoid public area since it's Ramadan and some people might get offended and say a word or 2. Keep in mind you're in Saudi Arabia and that too in Makkah.

Kids can eat in public. Its not illegal. But some people might get offended so its always better for your kid to eat in your hotel room. For him, when you are going in haram, take water bottle with you as drinkinking water is very rarely available during fast.

No restaurants would be opened before asar prayer. So better to stock some food from restuarant for your son in the room. Few marts would be upon before noon. Many will open after noon and most after asar prayers. So stock food, water and juices from there as well.

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