Moving to France

Hi all,

Myself and my wife having had many vacations in France are considering our options around moving to and living in France.

We particularly like the Charente Maritime area, but on some research have found that for our professions, Sales & Marketing and Dental Nursing that there are few opportunities. However we would consider all regional areas outside of the main cities.

I would appreciate any useful websites/ links/ advice on finding work, rental accommodation, do's and dont's etc.

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Hi David,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you with their insights, i suggest you read the Living in France guide so that you may gather some information.

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Hi Bhavna,

Many thanks for your reply, appreciated.

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I suppose it's to early to ask if anyone is thinking of retiring to Brittany and will the French accept retirees after the leave vote (sigh) We have sold our house after three years of trying and it all came at the wrong time, we have animals and have transportation booked for them a while ago.  Now we don't know what to do.  I imagine they will not allow us health care, but we will pay.  It is all such a mess at the moment but we do not have the time to wait months for a clearer picture.  Anyone else in a similar situation, I am sure it must be a great worry for many who have recently moved to France...Thank you for any snippets of info in advance...

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