rental in manzanillo

I'm moving to Manzanillo next month. I'm looking for a possible one bedroom , one bathroom unit.

Love to repair and paint. Carpenter / handyman (retired)

Would love a small guest house or casita in someone's back yard where I might
keep my future Gm. Sh. puppy.
Hoping to pay $250 max.for furnished unit. Country or city

Hi Lonecowboy,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Mexico section of the website so that you may find a suitable rental.

All the best,

Google Tomzap ..... they have a Manzanillo message board

Manzanillo is on the other side of Mexico from SMA

Hola Bhavna
I don't understand why I should do that if I don't want to live in San Miquel de Allende.


Hello Bill,

My mistake, i changed the link to housing in Mexico.


Sorry about that,


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