Moving into Kiev

Resent events that now considering moving in Kiev on a Visa after 90 days are over
First my Fiancée whom is Ukrainian as just had her Visa rejected to enter Uk where we intended to be married and settle down together
But now have to rethink ever think over
First to be Married in Kiev We are intending to Live in her home in Kiev
Any advise on being married in Kiev wood be gratefully accepted ?
Secondly for myself to apply for visa after the 90 days out of 180 days are over
Not sure on length of visa I can apply for ?
I am a wear that Ukraine is not part of The Schengen Treaty and whilst I am free to travel to Hungary my wife as to apply for Visa to enter
But could she travel to UK on this Visa ?
Last part health care cover I kneed to have MRI Scans any information also
Finally any members or groups Kiev and social events I would appreciate contacts with

Hi, there is a member on here GreyKyiv who is a lawyer and can assist you with legal advice. As far as healthcare get insurance for the Western Style Clinics such as Medicom, Boris Clinic and others. There are numerous Expat Facebook Groups where you can ask questions. Kiev Expats, Kyiv Expats Old and New, etc just do a search.

Thanks for information and I am grateful to yourself responding and going further making contact with other groups with in Kiev
I taken details in response to having any Legal Advice my Greykyiv
thanks gain marwood47

I invite you to read a blog I have on this website: …
There you will find information on how to get married, how to get your temporary residence for one year and other relevant information. If you still have questions, then you are welcome to ask either on this forum or PM me.

The Blog will help you a lot.  From Experience, in order to get married here, check to see what documents you need to bring from the U.K.  Make sure those documents are notarized and have an apostille.  Second bring two copies of all documents.  When you get here you will need to get a non-inpedment  notarized at your embassy here in Ukraine.  Then you need to take all documents to the foreign ministry to be approved.

Then with all of the documents and approvals in hand you can get a civil marriage.  Once you register it takes about 30 days.  Once you are married you will need to get a Visa D, which is a temporary 45 days visa.  Being from the U.K. it is easier to return to the U.K. to get it.  For Americans I recommend going to Moldova with all of the correct documents.  With that Visa you can return to Ukraine and get your first one year extension.  Prior to one year you will need to apply for a second one year visa.  After two years you are eligible to receive a permanent residence in Ukraine.  But prior to obtaining the permanent visa you will need to get a third one year extension.  After three months you will be able to apply for the permanent residence.  A friend of mine just went through this process.

Good luck with OVIR.    I do not know how it is in Kiev, but they are a $$$$$$ business to get your documents done.

Good luck, I hope this helps you.  Check the blog that Grey advised you.  I have been in Kharkiv for many years and I have enjoyed living in Ukraine.  On the medical insurance, you will need it for your visas.  I have never used it.  The doctors and hospitals will not take it.  Only cash.  Welcome to a new world.  Not that expensive.  I do not know your financial status, but things are more affordable here in some ways.  But not in others.

I will tell you if you are able to find the Right Ukrainian Flower, they are wonderful and loving wives.  Make her feel important in your life and give her lots of love.  She will grow with you and love you beyond all measure.  I have never regretted my decision to marry my wife and live in Ukraine.  I miss  the States at times, but home is where your family lives.

This part I will really stress.  Make sure all of your documents are correct and with all of the proper notarization and Apostille.  In Ukraine they are very demanding when it comes to documentation.  Make sure they are correct and bring two copies.

All the very best.

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