American Master's student moving to Malta, looking to earn some cash

Hi everyone! How's it going?

I'm going to moving to Malta in about a week or two to do an unpaid internship for my master's program and had a few questions about work. I'm from the US and am worried that getting my work permit might take a long time. I was wondering if anyone knew of some cash-in-hand, under the table jobs that might be available. Since my internship is unpaid, I'm going to have to earn some money while I'm there. Thank you for any help you can offer, also let's get a drink when I get there!


Working without a work permit is simply illegal.  Do not ask for advice on how to break the law here.

Romaniac Experts Team


I sincerely apologize for the post. I was reading a few blogs that said working without a permit was common, I was misinformed. Originally I was thinking about babysitting/nannying or construction. Thanks, I'll try to get my work permit ASAP.

@ Jarlo > Looking for illegal advices is not allowed on, we are therefore closing this thread.

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