New friends in London

Hey there,

I moved here a couple of years now and I'm looking to meet new people and maybe new friends! If you're looking to expand you circle of friends and enjoy what London has to offer, lets get together!


hello deedee

i am interested to meet new friends too in uk

i text you already
check your private message

Hi, I a new in london and looking to make new friends and discover londoners life.
Would be glad to meet you. Send you a PM

hey drop me a line too

Daniela you still active in here? i am moving soon to London .

is london peaceful with brexit?  cause they never wanted the exit..

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yuvraaj :


My name is Paresh. I am a single, professional, Indian male living and working in London. I am 170cm in height and of a medium built. I am a non-smoker. I have been in London for a number of years. Would be interested in meeting you. My email address is

I'm not sure how your height, built, and so on, is relevant to someone looking for friends. Do you make friends depending on their size?

it clearly proves that man's intention. shame on you paresh!! this is what I like about brexit.

Yeah some people are clearly treating this as a dating site.

Paresh  there is no harm in looking for love as most Will want love and affection,he just wants friendship i think  more likely

Absolutely nothing wrong looking for love.  But this ISN'T a dating site and the original poster said friends.  The guy giving his height and weight doesn't seem as though that is what he is looking for.  Go to the proper sites for that if that is what you want.

Well that's weird, if anything you are opening the doors to more people like him.  He's not from the EU.  All you have stopped by voting out is EU free movement and actually not even that as we aren't out yet.  Won't be for some time and likely will have to still take EU citizens as I don't see how you remain in the single market and not have that condition.

Hi Daniela,

Have you been able to meet some new friends so far? :)



Hey, I don't feel any change yet... Maybe after the process has begun. Beside the flight prices sky rocketing nothing else at the moment.

Hi Pricilla,

To be honest I did not meet anyone from this website so definitely no friends yet! How about you?

Haha this is a good one... :)))
I think people can look for whatever they want but they might not find what they're looking for - they're not looking in the right place.

I wish to meet new friends in UK
Check ur private message

Hey Deedee,

I've met some great friends from my blog.  If you are looking for friends then I'm definetely up for that.  What sorts of things do you like to do in London?  I've been here 8 years but I still treat it like I'm a tourist so go out a lot in London and discover new places all the time.  So if you're up for a meet up let me know!  Send me a message and we can exchange email.


Hello  Daiela :)
i move to London past december, and want to expand my circle of friends as well! im interested!:)
Thank you

I take 2 years living and working in London
before I lived in Spain
I like to go out on my days off
I have no friends here
a little boring

hi Girl

I'm looking to meet new friends to, plus learn new languages my biggest interest is French. email me if u fancy to go for coffee ***

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Romaniac Experts Team

Ok so there about five or six people on this subject. Why not to organise something during the week end in piccadilly area, may just a glass in a bar to discuss.?

Hi Daniela.

I am new to fhis website but I moved to London several years ago. :-)..... I am also looking to meet new people and maybe have new friends.


Hi Daniela.

I am new to this website buf I moved fo London several years ago.... I am looking for meeting new people and maybe later on being friends.

Drop me a line, if you are interested.



Well i am not in London, but feel free to drop a line here if you are ever in Manchester :)

I'll be back in London next month add me and we keep in touch maybe we become good friends one day who knows ;-)

hiii Dear Daniela,

How are you ? hope all is really great :)

Well, im interest for meeting with pepol in UK in month 02/2017,because i will be their for holiday.

see you soon .

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