TEFL/ESL position in Pakistan

I am a recently TEFL certified teacher looking for English teaching jobs overseas and was wondering about potential positions in Pakistan; is there a market for it, is it possible for an American to get a job there teaching English? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Let me try to analyse yo ursituation.

1) If you are a highly qualified white American with a degree in nuclear science or satellite communication, as soon as you apply for a simple teaching or voluntary job, it will become very obvious that your real interest and intentions of residing in Pakistan are "elsewhere" and Pakistani  secret agencies will be monitoring every move of yours and suspect you as some one operating under cover.

2) Specially  such persons are hesitant and afraid of putting  reasonable amount of  personal details while signing in at an expat forum and use names as moscowich18181818.

3) If you are a genuine professional engaged in teaching English language, the are a lot of Teacher exchange programs and multinational English  teaching organisations (eg Berlitz, British Council) where you will be more than welcomed.  :)

riazcdki :

Let me try to analyse yo ursituation.

You failed to analyse his situation in a failure as epic as a three hour, 44 minute biblical movie with a chariot race.

Best I can tell from a wild bunch of guesses is he's into language skills, not nuclear physics, perhaps has travelled to India and is looking to further expand his knowledge of the world whilst teaching English.

I suspect his possible move to Iran would be the better bet as far as safety goes, but I can see why someone adventurous would be interested in Pakistan, even if it isn't my cup of tea.
That and Iran is fighting to regain its position in the world after time in the dark, so opportunities are likely to be both well paid and seriously interesting.

Humor apart!

I honestly believe experience of living and working in Pakistan will be very rich.

Once you are living here the insecurity , law and order issue will not be very obvious since things get hugely magnified on international media,

For a western male , Pakistan offers opportunities which are very rare elsewhere.

The picturesque mountainous sight seeing of the northern area is unique. Understanding cultures, food,  social family system, blend of rural and urban mix, religion, hub of international politics are just few to be mentioned,

Pakistan offers huge business and entrepreneurial opportunities to people who understand  western marketing needs and Pakistani set of low to medium tech resource solutions. Businessmen have made fortunes while exporting handicrafts and spices , clay flower pots to IKEA Sweden, hand embroidered ladies bridal wear , the list goes on and on.

:)  :)

I think it's great opportunity for your career growth to visit and develop such learning center in pakistan where students and professionals love to hear you. A great idea with innovation will spread his roots in deep ground. Your scope is bright to conquer the hearts and minds just throw it and watch a magic.

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