Research Opportunities in Brazil for Permanent Residents!

Have nice weekend guys.

     I am looking for information about research opportunities for foreigners holding permanent visas in Brazil. Would anyone like to guide me?
Actually, I have a bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences. I want to ultimately get a PhD degree. I am also ready to get admission in a master programme by research to achieve my goal. But I am looking for research opportunities with the scholarship. Because I am going to choose those fields, that are most field oriented and a lot of investment is required. I want to do a research in either of  the following or related fields:

Petroleum Exploration/ Geophysics.
Mineral Exploration.
Engineering Geoscience.
Renewable Energy/Alternative Energy.
Marine Geoscience.
Environmental Geoscience
HydroGeology etc.

                            I would be grateful to those who would guide me in detail. Waiting for response very anxiously. Thanks a lot

El Hasan

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