Studying Portuguese in Brazil

Hi guys!

I am currently planning on moving to Brazil next year through the means of student visa (Vitem IV) and I will enroll in a Portuguese for Foreigners class most probably at UFRGS in Porto Alegre. I know that I will be given a 6/7 month visa initially and then I will have to renew it the federal police a month before expiry. I work full-time teaching English during the day and I am already fluent in Portuguese. Those classes will only be a means for me to get a visa so that I can be with my fiancee until we get married.  My question here would be whether or not I can switch universities for the second semester and still get my visa renewed as I probably will not be able to attend the classes and hence I doubt UFRGS will give me the required renewal letter for me to stay on for another semester.

Any experiences related to my situation are welcome!

I did this program at UFRGS a few years back, and my plan was to switch to another university after a semester or two. I never actually found another school. Some wanted me to do the vestibular (for which I was in no way prepared). Other required lots of paperwork from the US that needed to be certified at the Brazilian consulate in DC who did not accept things by mail. (Now that Brazil is part of the Hague Conventions you can just get apostilles) I kept getting different answers from different sources on what to do with the visa too. Eventually I got married and it didn't matter anymore.
I do see that my old Vitem IV visa did have UFRGS listed as my school in my passport. That makes me think that at the very least you would need to apply for a new Vitem IV based on the new school (which I would guess needs to be done at the Brazilian consulate in the US)

Someone else might know more though, I could be wrong!

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