Moving to Palmerston North in September 2016. Need advice.

Good day everyone.

We're a family of 3 (Self, wife and a 5 year old kid). Moving to Palmerston North in September 2016. We have been in Oman for the last 10 years (Pakistani by nationality)  and first time relocating to a country far from Asia.

My wife is pursuing the Phd from Massey University.  I have received my work visa and my son's being issued with a student visa. Following are the queries.

1-   Minimum Cost of Living for a family like mine.

2-   What is the job condition there. I am an Engineer, specialization in Project Management, contracting, planning and non technical Project controls. Is it possible to acquire a suitable job there.

3-   Mode of transportation. We're thinking of using public transportation (Or bicycles  as initiators).

4-   Most important - Recommendations on a good school for my child

5-  How is the social environment (in general). I have seen extremely nice reviews on the same throughout the different communities. Would appreciate if someone shed a light on it.

6-    Anything else that is missed above.

I would highly appreciate if someone from Palmerston North and near around could advise accordingly.



For cost of living try
Jobs check out or try a Google search.

Stumpy !

I expected this reply from u  :P . However i insist some realistic and practical person who actually resides there for the explanation

I am New Zealand born and bred and at present I am living in New Zealand.

Alryt !
Then that makes sense  for reference.

Stumpy / Other Members,

Could you be kind enough to advice on how to transfer money from the country where im migrating from to Palmerston North.  Is there a way, i could open a bank account at NZ while being in Oman and then further transfer all my funds from Oman to NZ in one go. I have been able to understand that online account opening is quite possible, however I don't know how safe it is as the amount to be transferred is very much considerable.

Do you have a good trustworthy friend in NZ?

If so you could transfer the money to their NZ bank then open an account when you arrive. Use Western Union or any of the other funds transfer agencies for the transfer or direct from your bank.
There is a limit on how much can be transferred at one time.
Best you check out the Banks here in NZ and find out if you can open an account online.
Try as I do know that they allow you to open an account from overseas.
It is called migrant banking.

Thanks Stumpy,
I have done some research and the best possible way I see is to open an account with ANZ Bank since it allows an easy online account which I feel gives comfort to self.

Im gonna open with ANZ and will see how it works. Only concern is that it should be safe enough as I never did any online openings before moving to a country.

Same quesion again

KhiKHI123! :

Same quesion again

I have replied your PM.  Plz check.
Overall, Palmy is a pleasant city to live in. COL is way cheaper than Auk or Welly or any big city. Work to life balance is perfect.

Most people in Palmerston North use a car(s) to get around and go to work. See … ton-north/   for details on public transport.

Some CoL figures (in NZD) based on my last 2 years living in regional NZ.

Electricity: cost per day over a whole year: $6
Petrol per litre: $1.89 - $1.90
Phone + Internet: $100 per month
Supermarket shopping (not just food items): $240 per week (married couple no dependents)

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