ich mag Deutsch.I'm looking to make Swiss friends here

Hallo ich bin Chinese.ich mag Schwerz sehr sehr fest.
About me.I'm Chinese my free time.I like books.doing sports.and hiking.I can speak a little German.cause of my gf is I like Switzerland very much.I really want to make more new Swiss friends.if you guys can send me private message here.

Welcome Feng2006,

Please stick to using English on the forum so everyone understands what you're trying to say  :) .  With that said, you have a long way to go in learning German, since the sentence you wrote is quite hard to understand.  Everyone makes mistakes at first.

I think you meant "Ich mag die Schweiz sehr gern" ? ;)  I'm not fluent in German myself, but I have some years experience from long ago

Do you intend to relocate to Switzerland soon?

Romaniac Experts Team gf want me to visit her.she is from Zurich.

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