art supplies Quito, Otavallo and Ibarra

Hola a todos!
I'm looking for an artist supply store, for things like watercolor paper, paint, brushes and the like. We're moving from Portland Oregon to Cotacachi in September and can bring some with us, but if it's available in Ecuador, we can bring less.
Cotacachi is too small to have much hope, but maybe Otavallo or Ibarra? I figure Quito will probably have something, but it's not so handy. Anyone know of such a store?
Gracias por su ayuda

Yes, there's one near my neighborhood. You can view it below. A little advice - if you can bring what you want then do so. Imported Items for educational purposes whether they are art supplies, school supplies, laptops, printers, toners, etc are taxed highly just like any other items.

Sbandra (in Quito)

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