The major pest are the iguanas!! Just lost part of the garden due to them eating it out!!!

You can kill them and eat them, they taste like chicken :D


I am having an open invite party for dinner. The main course will be "mistery meat".   :P  :top:

I got a lot of the mistery meat in the Army, Yum. Powder eggs were also not my favorite.

A favorate in PR is SPAM = Slime Posing As Meat

I tell my husband that the bugs here are what sci-fi movies are made of.  I'm a real sissy when it comes to creepy crawly creatures. My first purchase when I knew I was going to live here was long rubber boots.  Luckily, I don't have the blood that mosquitos gravitate towards, but I have accidentally met many ugly insects here, including tarantulas, cockroaches, a wide variety of cruise ship sized beetles (maybe a little exaggeration), spiders galore (and their webs are so strong, you could hang wet beach towels on them)(okay, maybe a little more exaggeration) ...

I have met a new man that I love seeing every 30 days, rain or shine ... THE EXTERMINATOR!   And he gets to see the inside of our vehicle too.

ReyP - good one!  Spam is a staple on the Navajo reservation, I guess because it doesn't need refrigeration.

Spam was a staple on Guam in the 80's. It was also a high blackmare item. It get for a hurricane  locker

Spam can last forever if unopened. It is also big in Hawaii, at least with the locals.
Even the bugs like it Kim. Great with eggs, rice, even with Verduras.

We use a local exterminator also.  About every other month he comes to the house.

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