Hi everybody. I am looking for an english primary school for my son in antalya, could you please help me? Thanks

Hi Maryam,

Your query has already been answered on this thread. … 86#3217175

ICCA has a joint English/Turkish curriculum.
Ted Antalya College also seems to be in English and they have a Kindergarten/Primary school section too.

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In addition to these two, the following options could be looked at as well.

Antalya Anadolu Lisesi
Özel Antalya College
Levent Aydin Anadolu

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Does it have only english courses or it has turkish course too? I have heart learning turkish is mandatory and there is no school that just be english or american, is it true?

Every school has a different approach. It would be best to google their contact and call them individually to get correct answers.

Alternatively, you can also search their websites as well.

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Thank you very much.

No problem. Glad I could be of help.

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