Working Holiday Visa - ??

My friend and I are travelling from the UK to NZ this November.

We have both received our Working Holiday Visas which we applied for online. We were sent an email saying ''Congratulations on receiving your working holiday visa'' and then they continued to tell us how to sort our tax number and bank accounts out, etc...

Okay - i hope this isn't a completely silly question. This is the first time i've had to apply for a visa. When we actually arrive in NZ, how will they know we have been approved and given visas? And how will our future employers know? Feels like we should be given some paperwork at least.....not just that casual email.......?!

Thanks :)

What is the source of your visa application ? For any visa application, goes via immigration NZ. Any other source would considered to be fake (Perhaps). Secondly, the visa (In general) confirmation is always given  by the Case officer and Im sure in your case, there must be one.

I can't comment on how easy it is for a British Passport for the NZ visa stamp, however you may check it locally via embassy.

it will be on your electronic file and you would also have received a letter/email confirming it

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