Is there langue school in HCMC that can teach Vietnamese?

Hi everyone!
I'm moving to Ho Chi Minh City this month, probably will stay years there, so I want to learn Vietnamese first.
Do anyone knows where I can find a langue school? I'm willing to spend 24*7 to study.
and as I'm a Chinese, so school that for mandarin student will be prefect. and for English speaking people also OK for me.
Much appreciate for any comment.


Hello and welcome on board Mathew :cheers:

There are many language schools around to teach Vietnamese. I invite you to check out adverts here :

Language classes in Ho Chi Minh City

You may also drop an advert of your search there for increasing your chances of being contacted by a tutor.

Closing down this thread to prevent publicity from tutors on the forum.

Wish you all the best in your future expatriation :top:


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