Money transfer (MUR to EUR)

I am looking for the best option to transfer (and convert) some MUR into EUR.
With the development of the fintech industry, there are now a lot of providers (especially UK based) providing this service for a very cheap cost (especially in comparison to banks): transfermate or transferwise to name a few.
However these providers seem to deal only with standard / mainstream currencies and MUR is usually not supported.
Does one know a reliable provider that support MUR currency and transfer from/to MUR?

We have used HiFX to convert GBP to MUR and I suppose it works the other way around and with EUR also.


I have discovered the best way through having a good relationship with your local bank manager or assistant manager.  I have always got the best deal that way.

There are some major international banks in Maurituis that might offer a service at a reasonable rate such as Barclays or HSBC.

Most major banks operate telegraphic transfers around the world through the SWIFT network they will have a BIC code bank identification code.

The reason I said try the two banks is that they have international offices and maybe cheaper on costs .  Smaller banks are not international will have to use an intermediary bank that can bridge the gap between the countries.  Even if you go to Barclays Or HSBC they may still need an intermediary if the bank at the other end does not have a partnership with the bank.  It is not a problem in most cases if the account from One country is going to an account in another country and us the same bank.

Another thing to be aware of is that some banks still are wary of transfers from countries like Maurituis and you may need to supply additional information as to where the funds have come from and the purpose they are for at the other end.  This is due to many banks increasing their checks on anti-money laundering etc.

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