King Faisal hospital- new starter, how is it there?

Hi ladies & gents

So not quiet sure how to use this as of yet but hope someone can help 😌

Anyone working at King Faisal hospital as a nurse?
I have been offered a job over there and finally after months of paper work and the long on going process am finally going (still no exact date but somewhere in August). How is the nursing life out there, what are the hours like, accommodation? Are you just offered anywhere or given a choice 🙂

Look forward to meeting new people 😌

It's the best place ever.


Thanks I can't wait to start out there.

Hi timafa, 

For nursing, KFH is one of the best hospitals in KSA, for the accommodation I think they have their own compound.

Thank you for that information I can't wait to start there

The one in Jeddah ? Not bad.

In Riyadh

That one is good too. better than Jeddah one for sure. They have shift work if you are assigned to a ward. I believe it's usually a 12 hour shift and you end up getting 3 days off. At times you get a week off so going away for the week is not a bad option. Usually these nurses go to neighbouring countries or even visit jeddah

It will be a cultural change for sure so be prepared for it.

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