First trip to Germany

Hi everybody!

I would never forget my first solo travel, I want to share some of my pictures in Dusseldorf, Germany. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, 3 years ago I decide to visit Germany, as the first place across the North Atlantic Ocean, I planned to go in the season with less cold, May.

I bought the airplane ticket a few months before May, even booked the hostel where we stayed (personally, I always buy and reserve before leaving, it is cheaper and allows you to have the control).

Since I didn't had anyone to take me to the airport, I had to share a van from this San Diego airport car service. Fortunately, they took us to the airport without any problems.

I arrived from the bwi shuttle to the BWI Airport and took the plane. I stopped in New York, then reach Dusseldorf 16 hours after! Men, that was crazy!!! I got along small suitcases because my plan was to tour the beautiful landscapes that Germany has, and so I did for 2 weeks. I had never seen such beautiful landscapes, not even Grand Teton in Wyoming can compare.

Of course, before I took this crazy trip I looked for people from elsewhere who were also traveling at that time to Dusseldorf. Also I had a friend from collage who had gone exchange to Germany, definitely that was a tremendous help.

On my trip I became friend with two Mexicans and a French girl, I still maintain communication with them on Facebook.

I let you some of the pictures we took, hope you like it. P.S. If you are going to Cologne, the best way to get there is by train, again, beautiful landscapes (8

Hello, that was such an inspiring introduction. I have the fortune of living in Bitburg Germany for as long as I want, but I am afraid. I am 50 and I do not speak German and languages are very difficult for me to learn. Did you experience any communication difficulties? I so much would like to experience what you did. I am also from San Diego CA, but currently living in Florida where it is extremely hot and winter only lasts a few month at best.

I have been to southern Germany on a few week vacation to visit my brother and loved it there. Fortunately my brother speaks German and did all the communicating for us. I am just not sure I could do it without him.

Anyway, I would love to hear more about your experience if you have the time.


Hi Kierstin! noo, don't be afraid, I think your age is no an impediment, actually, I think is an advantage because most of the time the locals take young people as party tourist and can be a little indifferent.

I have to say, at least you have to bring  some device that helps you to translate or read signs or written instructions in German because talking a little bit of English can help you to communicate the basics. I got fined because I bought a train ticket for one person and a bicycle, rather than for two people, I paid the bill and continue with my trip, but definitely, if you get really involved in german language I'm pretty sure you be talking and understand a little bit more every day :D

Awesome, I think I will begin to make arrangements to go. Thanks for the pep talk😊

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