Saudi Arabia Safety for US ex pat

Is it safe for a US citizen to work in Saudi Arabia?

Hi Friend,
Work wise there is no issue working any reputed company or organization. No discrimination among local or expats. However some laws are better for locals than expats as per Saudi laws.
Safety wise there is no issue for a citizen of any country. But because of the more stringent rules and regulations, we feel more of scary, intolerance and not right place to live. We do not have freedom to enjoy the life outside our home/house. Social life is nil as many experienced and this is the current situation too. Especially for women, it's not a right place who wants to be free, enjoy and lead normal life alike in any part of the world.

I just experienced 3 months of stay and heard the comments from many of my friends who are here since long time.

I hope it may give some inside information.


Saudi Arabia  for others may seems different in term of culture... It is Religious and conservative and women in Saudi Arabia are always keeping a low profile... But in term of safety Saudi Arabia is considered one of the safest countries.

As a Saudi citizen, the way i c it!!

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