Can a Teacher work on a Dependent VISA?

Hi All

I have been offered a Job in Kuwait and am undertaking the on boarding process.

I am looking to sponsor my wife who is a teacher.

She has also been offered a position in Kuwait as a teacher.

The question I have is, I know that those on a dependent VISA cannot work for roughly 12 months after entering. Is there an exception for teachers?

Can my wife work on a dependent VISA as a teacher?

If she was to come to Kuwait with a work permit being sponsored by the school, what is the process if she decides to leave the Job but remain in Kuwait with me?


You wife cannot work on a dependent visa at all, ever. That being said, a lot of them do, of course illegally.

She can join you on the dependent visa and apply for a job, and at that point the company she is working for needs to sponsor her for a proper visa which allows her to work. Switching back to a dependent visa should be a simple process, not sure if it matter that she entered the country on a different one.

If she decided to leave the work, and she wants to stay with you, simply ask the school to transfer it's residency to you.

This is a routine process and happened many times, there won't be any problems.

If she didn't have a job offer and you want her to join you, you can be her sponsorship and bring her here. and when she comes she can search for a work, ( teacher here are highly required ) and if she finds a good job, the school will ask you to transfer her residency so that the school will be her sponsor. and in that case the school will do all the paper work and pay all the expenses, you will only need to sign the papers  that's all.

If you need more help, you can just ask or send me an email.

Thank you both for your helpful replies.

I think we're settled on the way forward now.

Most welcome, if you need more help just ask.

Sir is it true that altering entering  Kuwait  on dependant visa I cannot work till 6 months are over only after that I can. Apply for any Job?

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