Working in National Gaurd Hospital Madinah Munawarah

Good morning.
I would like to get information about NGH Madinah Munawarh. I have been offered a job over there . Need to know the working atmosphere, accommodation and the management. How is life generally over there. Shopping malls , kids activities and schooling. Thanks for help

ive been looking for a job there which agency did you go through if you dont mind me asking?

I am working in NGH Riyadh. What would you like to know exactly. Where are you from ?

I'm from uk
And have sent my cv to agencies in uk for job with moh but they are very slow so I interviewed with Hmg in meantime and have been accepted for a post in family medicine there.
Is it easier to get moh job whilst in Saudi?


sorry but I am not in the field of medicine. I work for the Hospital Data Center so I am not sure about jobs in medical fields. however, NGH is itsef a ministry now.


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