Employer not accepting resignation letter. What to do?

goodmorning, somebody can help us? i work in my current employer for 1 year and 4mos.

ive already passed my resignation letter post office effective 1 month but my current employer doesnt want to cancel my visa?

ihave an offer letter form other company.  What should i do?

i been to lmra seef told me to go ministry of labour from then they said cannot do anthying..

somebody can help me? thank u.

regards to all

Dear, Just talk with your current employer and ask what's the issue why they never canceling your visa. And also talk with them about transferring of visa.

Here are few links may be that help you.
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Thank you Mr. Zee for the time and information. it will help me a lot. godbless u

most welcome


send your resignation through "REGISTERED MAIL" to any post office adressed to your office. Only then they cannot do anything against you.

Post office will give you receipt for follow ups. There was that pink card stating that the you have been filed a resignation adressed to them. This pink card will be one of the requirements to obtain/transfer your visa to your new employer.


hi Lhulu thanks for ur replied we already pass my resigntion post office i got my pink card letter resignation date may 05 - june 05 2016 but until now my current employer still dont cancel my visa. you have any idea Ms. Lhulu what we will do next?

thanks for the help. godbless u

Hi Laila,

Tell your current employer to apply for you a visa and include this pink card as your supporting documents. In this case, your previous visa has no value at all and you can proceed to have your new visa with your new employer.


LhuLu is right here !!!!! Pink card is enough for the process. but before that try to visit sitra LMRA office for mobility intention ; fill intention to transfer form {valid work permit}.

And if you need your passport just write to your embassy and if embassy fail to do anything after 7 days , visit court in  diplomatic area and file your case there free of cost.

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