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All new people coming to Bahrain for the first time and looking to hire a car for business or on behalf of the company .
Please be advise that you should go to a reliable car hire company like *** etc etc and give all the cheap car companies a miss like *** car hire , *** car hire , you will only get a poor service and a poor car for the money , i would pay that like bit more and get the service and the reliability from a professional company and stop these companies from ripping the expats off

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Hi George11z,

Thank you for your advice. I would like to inform you that defamatory posts are not allowed on the forum.

If you have some reliable car hire companies, i invite you to recommend them in the business directory Cars in Bahrain section.

Thank you,

it's bad to post defamatory stuff. It's worse when it's not true. For over a year now, we've rented from two of the cheapest rental agencies here and their customer service has been excellent. The cars have been absolutely fine.

They have absolutely not been ripping us off. Established agencies, on the other hand, often take advantage of expat ignorance of local business not just in Bahrain, but globally.

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