Istanbul druring Ramadan

Merhaba every body ..

I planing to visit Istanbul next week 16-24 Jun.
i want to feel and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan in capital of heritage Islamic state .
what do advice me ? where to go ? when? what I must-see ? what the Ramadan dish I have to try ?
any things help me to live unforgettable Ramadan .

maybe some meet me and show me around  .. will be great !

I speak Arabic English and Russian languages..

thank you in advance

Slam Alikom \

During Ramadan, you may find festive iftars throughout the city and in mosques too.  So the best time to enjoy would be around iftar.

For festivities, you can visit Feshane in Eyup where you will find many Sufi inspired events and concerts. 

For food, you have to try Ramadan Pide Although I'm not a big fan of Turkish bread, but Pide is made specially during Ramadan and worth trying.

Also various kind of dates become popular.

For sweet dish, Gullac is a popular dessert that is made specially during Ramadan. 

Mosque timings for visitors might get restricted due to travih, but of course you can join the prayers.

Enjoy your holiday

thank you very much..
I will try this tasty dishes insha Allah ..

where or what Feshane in Eyup is ?

Feshane is an area/ street in Eyup centre.  You can locate it easily by searching Feshane Eyup Merkez on maps.

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