Short-term accommodation in Rio


i am a new delhi-based indian sports journalist. i will be in rio from august 3 to august 22 to cover the olympic games. i will be grateful if someone could suggest a reasonable hotel/guest house near olympic park in barra. i need to be close to the main press centre which is near olympic park. i would need air conditioning and fast speed internet  connectivity in the room.



Hi there it might be best if you look in OXL
I will give you the link,
you will have to look at in google chrome to translate it

this link will get you near what your looking for fish around and put in your need
good luck … entos?ot=1

many thanks! will just try my luck

you and 1000 others,

OLX is good if you speak portuguese and you are already living in Brazil. But your risk that the flat owner at the last minute rent his place to another person. Prices will go so high, don't expect that people will secure the offer.
Try a very famous and international website renting know what I mean. This would be much more secure.
In all the cases, you won't find good deal during Olympics.

Get a tent, no one will gazump you
and just stick it any where
or find a squat, there's plenty in Rio I would say at the moment
but I bet the Squatters stick the ground rent up
Up the works

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