Getting Citizenship and Reality !?

Hey guys!

I'm really wondering has anyone gotten their citizenship recently?
I've read that getting citizenship after 3 years is quite impossible and it takes at very least 5 years in practice.

Many thanks in advance


The rules state you can apply 3 years after your given residency as a foreigner.   I've had various people to include a local lawyer say it's actually easier to get than initial residency but does take longer as it's not done much.    But most of the people I've heard this from over the past few years have not actually done the process itself.  Never seen anyone post here or anyother site "yep I did it and here's what happens !".     Best to contact a local lawyer who is familiar with the process for most accurate info.  Oh, and keep in mind that Paraguay does not allow dual citizenship so if you become a citizen here it's time to give up anyother citizenship you have.

I know the process step by step and can give you accurate information regarding naturalisation.

PM me :)

@ LoreLaterra > It would be great if you can share these information on the forum instead of going private.

Here on the forum, all the readers will be able to beneficiate from them.  :cool:

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Please email me details I have 3 friends willing to move

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so mr kalmall are your alwaleed bin talal undercover or what ??

soulhang :

so mr kalmall are your alwaleed bin talal undercover or what ??


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