Any difference in opening a bank account for a business in Vietnam?

I'm working on opening a restaurant business in Vietnam and I've been reading these forums about banking and it really seems daunting.

So I have a few questions:

1. Should I be seeking a business bank account instead of a personal bank account?
2. Should I be setting up a business bank account for the business and a personal bank account that pays be from the business account?
3. Will I have any issues transferring money back into my US bank account from my vietnam bank account since I'm technically making money through my own business?
4. I need to bring in a sizeable amount of cash into Vietnam to invest into my business, which bank should I go with? HSBC, CITI? VietcomBank?

Any help is much appreciated.

All you all set up with your IRC & ERC yet ?
Your restaurant facility built or leased ?
Business plan ? Partner ? Staffing ?

I am a very experienced former QSR/Casual Dining owner & operator and franchising specialist, so feel free to connect if / when you might need a 'sounding board' on ideas.

I also have a top-notch locally-based (British) designer who can assist if you need help. He is world-class.

Connect with me privately if you need a few extra ideas ... or to validate your own great ideas.

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