is ok to travel to ozamiss by private rent a car at present

Hi there its bernie from aus and have just moved here to be with my girl who i have known for 15 months and have met previously in ph, her family are in ozamiss and have some land outside of the city, im in two minds whether its safe to go there and need some advise please??

i have done cdo to ozamis and also dipolog to ozamis a couple of time and i believe it to be as safe as driving anywhere in asia

Thanks for your reply !!

Yes, safe to drive and Go on this northern part of Mindanao..

impossible to answer as you dont mention where from ,@dophened -ifs not right to say its safe -the op doesnt mention whether he is the driver or not  -so if he hasnt driven in that area before -then it probably wouldnt be a good idea.


Yes you have the point . he has to consider all  possible options for him to be safe..

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