Helping friend inquiry from USA

Hi everyone
I would like to seek advice from expats  here to answer my american friend from Utah, as i have no idea in it.
He is asking how much can a US$ 2500 last if he spend it here in philippines in a month? Will itbe sufficient enoug? he is planning a trip this year perhaps in a the affordable hotel stay to food , etc. perhaps he plans to stay in tourist provinces. And he is Asking too how much the min wage of expAts here in phils as well.
Pls help me answer all his inquiries as i will be conveying whAtever suggestions or help   Tips you you can give him.
Thank you so much everyone.


Hello Maryann :cheers:

It surely depends on his lifestyle and needs when he comes in Philippines.

Maybe ask him to check out threads talking about cost of living in our forum section below to gather infos :

>Cost of living in Manila


Kenjee,Thank you so much. It sure does help on him.


how much is an affordable hotel -if he stays 30 day at 50$ a night ,he still has 1000 left  ,food /drink maybe 500$ for a month ,so still has enough for some sightseeing etc ,if only staying a month -then hardly need to work ,couldnt do so anyway on a tourist visa

Staying in the province would benefit your friend if he is going to stay for a period of  30 days because aside from the cheaper cost of living unlike in the Metro, there very affordable transient accommodations he could stay in.

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