Traveling within KSA with iqama only?

I made the mistake of sending my passport to Russian embassy.
Now they want me to pick it up.

Can I travel from Gassim to Riyadh with just my iqama?

At least it gets me outta the apt. and forces me to travel around the country.

Of course you can.

Within KSA iqama is enough !

:) No one keeps passport in his pocket all the time. Iqama is sufficient.
With the Muqeem card thing, even having iqama isn't necessary like old times.

Iqama is the only valid ID you need and you must have to travel anywhere within KSA. Passport is required in rare cases only.

And don't forget to take your Iqama with you when going outside your home. There is penalty for not carrying with you starting from 1000.

TheLegendLeads, xan you explain why it isn't necessary after issuance of Muqeem card?

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