event in June

Hello everybody

I just moved from Belgium to Mauritius and really want to meet new people.

Are there any events coming up in June or July somewhere in the north/northwest?

Or let's organise an event?

Please share your ideas.



Hi Charlotte

Welcome to Mauritius! I wish you a great time. I have a new colleague who had moved here from Belgium and is living in Black River. Please get in touch if you would like there details.

Best wishes.


Hey Peter

Thanks! Can you send me his/her contact details in a private message?



Welcome to my Island ...

Im from Nivelles.. however Im Mauritian born nationality.

Feel free to contact me if you want to move arround for visit... I know here well.


Hey Charlotte,

I'm also semi-new to the island and arriving this Friday! I would also be interested in any expat event for the upcoming month :)


Hello guys why not organize a hiking next month
..let me know if any idea crop up

Hello all :cheers:

Kindly note that we have an events section where anybody can create an event so as to better set up a meet up :top:


Hi, i wanted to do same, but did not get enough response

Would love to go Hiking! When and where? I don't the island well enough to know good hiking spots.

Le pouce hike...simple and easy. the view is nice too. did that last winter...was sleepery though :/

A place call VALLÉE DE PRÊTRE, near Port Louis, more exactly it is call Chitrakoot, from there you can climb Mountain Peter Both, if guided it is better for first time

Hey Charlotte,

I'm hiking the Tourelle this Saturday but I'm joining a group of friends-of-a-friend and I don't think the invitation is open for everyone. However, I would definitely be interested in doing more treks in the future. I will let you know!


Hello Charlotte!

I also moved to Mauritius a year ago from England and looking to.make new friends. Wanna meet up? :)

Hello Gordon! 

Would be interested too as I'm looking to make new friends.

Let me.know


Hi, I have been on the island for two years but have been deeply lost in my MBA degree research and studies. I think its time to lose some weight and make some new friends. Unfortunately Mauritians that i've met feel discomfort speaking English, so , i want to meet other foreigners from other places who speak English and French so that i can perfect French as well. lol A get-together was done last time but i missed it. I will vote for Gordon to join with me and the "policeman" Rawatyassir to plan a hiking. What do you say guys?

Sounds like a plan!

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