Urgent: Kindly advise: is this Job offer acceptable and enough?

Dear All,

I'm writing to kindly request an advice on an offer I just got from a company based in Dubai (freezone).
The position is a Business Development Manager within the GCC territory (engineering consulting company).

Total Salary Package per month 35,000.00 AED
           Basic Salary: 21,000.00 AED
           Housing Allowances: 12,000.00 AED
           Transportation Allowances: 2,000.00 AED
           Medical insurance is provided by the company.
           Vacation of 30 calendar days paid annual leave.
           Discretionary bonus upon performance

Is this a good number or just normal number given the 10+y experiences in France, Germany, USA and recently KSA (the last 3 years) (PhD + MSc holder)

I'll be with my wife and son (2years old). Is this enough and how much saving will be possible in Dubai for a normal way of living?

The bonus is ""Discretionary bonus upon performance""? Is this normal or should I change the word and remove discretionary?

The contract is one year extendable with 6 months probation period. Is 6 months normal duration for probation period or should I request to review it?

I'm actually surprised as they did not offer a flight ticket and argued that this is already included.

The company is based in free zone. Is this has any consequence on the contract that will be signed?

I HIGHLY appreciate your help and replies.

Many thanks in advance.

selem alkm, ça à l'air super interessant (tberek Allah). Dubai c'est chere, tres chere meme mais en fonction de ton rythme de vie tu pourra mettre plus ou moins d'argent de coté. Les trucs les plus chere sont l'ecole pour les enfants et les loyers (et aussi la santé). 21 000 de salaire sa parle quand meme surtout qu'il y a des primes si j'ai bien compris. Si tu vie de facon "modeste" (tout est relatif) je pense que c'est super interessant.

@omar lou

ENGLISH please as this is an Anglophone forum...

Dubai is expensive, it depends the style lige of each people. If you live kind humble you will be able to save money with your package. Expenses the most expensive are school fees, accomodation and health (very expensive) but its not a pb for you. I think its a very good offer but one more time it depends your style  of life Dubai is a huge entertainment area.

Kind regards

Dear Omar,

Thank you for the reply and for the valuable advises. Appreciate your consideration. Wish you a best of luck and who knows, we will inshALLAH, try to meet once I'm in Dubai.
Again, thank you for your replies.

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