Hi all
I am wondering whether anyone has any recommendations for a karate dojo for my 8-year-old. He's been doing karate in Cape Town for the past 3 years with the most awesome sensei, and I would love him to continue if we can find a good setup there.


my 14 year old cousin attends one in curepipe, they usually do the classes on the weekend and she loves the sensei over there, they recently did their exams and it was a wonderful ceremony, if you want more details i could give them to you... cheers


excellent course in Trianon with a great sensei. My children love this club, if you are interested to know more let me know.

Hello :cheers:

Kindly note that we also have a Sports classes in Mauritius where members,seeking or offering sports classes, can drop an advert for better visibility.




I have settled in the north and am a Japanese registeredd JKA black belt with some 35 years training experience, founder of nursery school karate and 2005 veteran world champs competitor and medal winner.

We are formalising the JKA set up in Mauritius shortly. A gashku trading is planned for end august with Sensei Johan la Grange..technical director from SA.

What style did you follow in Cape Town. If JKA...John Williams or Debbie Evans ?


I will give you my local number there.


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