Moving to Kraków, opinions pleas :)

Hi Guys,

My name is Simon. I am an Italian expat living and working in London. I've been in the UK for about 11 years. My best friend is Polish and after a few trips to Poland I think I fell in love with the Country. We were thinking about moving to Krakow and start perhaps a new life there. I guess we are both slightly sick of London, though I still love it very much.

Guys I would really appreciate your opinions on the matter, I worked in customer service for a long time, I am a train manager for the underground here. But I had enough of it. I have a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, and a MA in Interpreting and Translation.

Do you think I could possibly find anything in Krakow?

What about life there?

I don't know why for some odd reason I am super excited about the whole thing.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thank you very much for reading and listening.


Hi Simon,

Kraków is a lovely town but I am afraid your skills will be useless without any knowledge of Polish language.
I feel your Polis best friend can advice you for the best. But be granted that he/she will be wanting to return home someday: with or without you. Bond with motherland is really strong in them.

Best of luck!

Hi, thanks for the reply. Not what I was expecting but at the end of the day I was the one asking for opinions. May I ask you in what way my skills may be useless there? Did you move there with a previous knowledge of Polish then? What kind of skills would be best suitable in Poland in order to get a job then?

Trying to understand a bit better :)


I moved without Polish language but I work in a international company and English is the official internal language; outside it's a complete different matter :(

Now I have a decent polish and I can even correctly say dziękuję  :D
Just kidding but, I would say that Polish language knowledge is a must. You can survive without it, as a friend of mine is doing but, yes... it's surviving: you will not understand what TV or radio are saying, etc... other than being cut out from any conversations.

You skills: they are great but whoever in Poland needs an interpreter would ask for a Polish - Arabic one, not Arabic - English. Well, I am not into linguistics and I feel you know the job market better than me :)


Whatever the man says (lol) is very, very true.

You can get away without speaking a local language of many countries, if your company is based in another one (e.g. American companies). However, if you want to build a life in this country, you MUST know the local language.
Poland is not different in that respect. I used to live in Germany for 10 years and Italy for, unfortunately only 6 months, before moving to the UK. All apples to those counties as well.

I am glad that somebody on this website acknowledge that. Very rare opinion amongst the Expat community, but SOOO true!

Thank you for pointing that out Oniros. I started to think that I am a Don Kichot of modern

Guys thank you all for the replies, I am terribly sorry I am getting back to you just now. For some odd reason didn't get any notifications. You two are absolutely right, I will have to learn the language and I am aiming to start a Polish language course as soon as I get there, actually if you know any decent schools please, let me know :).

Moreover, I understand people won't need an interpreter English to Arabic or English to Italian in Poland, hence I won't even look for interpreting jobs. Hopefully I will be able to find something where Italian or English will be needed. Let's see how it goes :)

My husband was very impressed with school Varia based in Krakow. However, there are many, many running relevant courses. Have a look on the web.

Cross my fingers for you.

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