Public Health Jobs and Opportunities in Brazil

I'm a Nigerian-based public health and development professional interested in information on public health opportunities in Brazil. My expertise is in health systems and global health but can fit into any roles that relate to public health in general, and have two masters degrees; first in health policy and management, and the second on behavioral health and behavior change .

My girlfriend  is Brazilian and lives in Sao Paulo where she just rounded up a PhD at the University of Sao Paulo. She really wants me to join her in Brazil but I'm wary of leaving my country for Brazil without understanding the prospects of getting a job and settling in well since I don't even speak Portuguese and haven't visited Brazil as yet.

I'd be glad to know of job opportunities or mid-career fellowships that I can apply for and any other suggestions on how best to go about this...

You will need to learn Portuguese for there are few people who speak English there are some basic courses on youtube to help get you started, I would also post this in the jobs section and see who may help or have some leads for your skills. It would be wise to also plan a trip to Brazil. Also in the search box type in what you may be interested in and I am certain the topic has been discussed on a past post. I am not a subject expert. I am just sharing what I have learned from this site. The language barrier is one obstacle. Also research as much as you can on google about Brasil. Hope this will get you statrted.

Thanks a lot for the info. I've done quite some bit of research, and like you said, I reckon that Portuguese is indeed a major barrier. I do plan to visit, and wanted to identify potential areas and prospects I could explore when I eventually visit.

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