Dear friends,

   currently i m working in kuwait and i have a offer in bharain i wanted to go but my employer is not releaving me because i have not yet completed the contract. i am planning to go for vacation and i will resign from india is it possible to me work in bharain next.

Labour law says you must give 90-day notice, regardless of your contract status, once probation has been completed.

If you give at least 90 days, your employer must release you, by law.

but i dont have tht much time wat if i go for vacation and i dint come back will dey put me in block list

If you resign from India without given him the 90 days notice, he won't give you NOC and i think you won't be able to work in Bahrain without it.

is der are any rules like tht compulsory i should get noc from the previous company

ask your future new employer in bahrain what documents they require from you here in kuwait.

The labour market in the Gulf is not centralized (yet). Technically, you would be a fresh hire for Bahrain. So, you could approach it in that way.
About the Kuwait job, people do resign due to unavoidable family circumstances. Can they bar you from Kuwait? Always a possibility.

Sorry things are not working out for you in Kuwait.

Good luck with whatever that you do :)

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